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Cookery Classes

Eating healthily should not involve sacrificing the taste or variety of the food that you eat so with this in mind we have prepared a serious of Cookery Classes that shows you how to cook food that is both delicious and good for you. These carefully designed Demo Classes are based around the premise that there is no single perfectly healthy diet or no good or bad food that you should or should not eat. The emphasis is very much on showing how popular dishes can be cooked from fresh and/or alternative ingredients and prepared in a way that maximizes nutrition without compromising taste. The classes are meant to be enjoyable and relaxed social occasions where you are free to ask questions. Everything is prepared right in front of you so that you can learn essential techniques that will make an enormous difference to your health and well being. You will get to taste everything that’s cooked or baked and the recipes for all dishes are printed for you to take home.

Cooking Demonstrations

We provide cooking demonstrations to larger groups, if you are a member of a club or an association we can work with you to provide tailored demonstrations at a premises of your choice. We will come to your venue and provide everything that is needed for the demonstration so that your clients can have a great evening/afternoon socializing and  learning about good food and tasting everything that is made.

Corporate Training

More employers are now taking a proactive health management approach to employee and family health. Many companies have introduced benefits and programs that are directly aimed at helping employees “choose” healthier lifestyles and  Employers’ willingness to take on such personal matters continues to grow as the true costs of care attributable to poor lifestyle choices becomes clearer.
We provide a range of services that can help employers promote the benefits of a healthy life style, these range from talks on strategies for healthy eating and appropriate food choices to onsite practical demonstrations where employees are instructed in the techniques and methodology associated with preparing healthier meals. We can also help you design healthier options in your cafeteria menu.

Menu Reviews
The Irish Government is keen to make calorie information available on menus. This will help consumers make healthier choices when buying food outside of the home. We offer a review of menus providing an assessment of the calorific profile of the menu and also provide useful options for creating a balanced menu with healthy options.

Some of our clients for all of the above have  included Adare Manor Carriage House Restaurant , Woodland House Hotel, George Boutique Hotel, Dublin Airport Authority, Northern Trust , Mary Immaculate college and Kerry Low Low  to name a few.

Private Group bookings for Verette’s Kitchen 

We love to run demo’s for private groups in my kitchen so if you or your family of friends are looking for an alternative night out in a quieter and relaxed atmosphere than the typical pub scenario then we’d be delighted to accommodate you.  We need a minimum of 8 and a max of 14 to run a private demo.   We will tailor the menu to your needs and you will get to taste everything that’s made on the night and take home recipes too!  A 50% non refundable deposit is required for private bookings. 

Turn by turn directions to Verette’s Kitchen are available here.

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