Corporate Demonstrations available on request
Corporate Training

More employers are now taking a proactive health management approach to employee and family health. Many companies have introduced benefits and programs that are directly aimed at helping employees “choose” healthy lifestyles and  employers’ willingness to take on such personal matters continues to grow as the true costs of care attributable to poor lifestyle choices becomes clearer.
I provide a range of services that can help employers promote the benefits of a healthy life style, these range from talks on strategies for healthy eating and appropriate food choices to onsite practical demonstrations where employees are instructed in the techniques and methodology associated with preparing healthier meals.
A typical training program might cover

  • Learning how to make healthier food choices when shopping, ordering in restaurants, etc.
  • Understanding food labels, what are the key things to look for.
  • Cooking demonstrations / tastings / meal planning information.
  • Knowing how to assess the options in the work cafeteria or local restaurants.
  • Learning how to use low-fat / alternative  ingredients in favourite recipes.

Review from one of our corporate clients :

Verette is an inspirational speaker on all matters health related. Verette came to my office at just the right time, we were all sluggish after Christmas and needed some motivation. Following a great talk focused on healthy lunches and a healthy workplace the fridge at work miraculously filled up with healthy salads and home made soups! 3pm slumps were a thing of the past! I’d highly recommend bringing Verette into your workplace/book club/ica meeting to give you the motivation you need to get on the right road.

In addition to Proactive Health Management Services I also provide a range of Cooking Demonstrations which can be tailored to the specific needs of your company or business.